Countries with the world’s friendliest of people according to travelers worldwide

The locals you meet on your travels can greatly impact your perception about their country. It can influence the satisfaction of your entire visit; hence, it can impact just how much will you recommend visiting it to others. I firmly believe that there are friendly people everywhere but what I want to know are the places where the majority of its residents are friendly.

Kindly note that the answers here were solely based on travelers’ experiences, not from a research study with solid methodology.


Photo by Amaryllis Liampoti on Unsplash

“I think Cambodia has the friendliest of people because everyone (who knew English) would try to help us find our way or just wave and say hello. Nobody was every rude to us for the 2 weeks we were there. A local even drove us around everywhere we wanted to go, he took us out to eat with his friends, and he took us to his home to eat with his family. On top of that, he didn’t ask to be paid for anything. But of course we gave him a huge tip.”

Zoe / A gorgeous girl from Houston, Texas currently in Vietnam. / Follow her on Instagram: @qu33n.zoe, @travel_with_zoe


Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

“Iranian people are friendly and they always want to help you. They even invite you in their homes to share a meal with them. They are modern, especially those in big cities, not religious, especially in Tehran.”

Idean / Make it simple but significant / Follow him on Instagram: @idean_mdrs


“I can say Iran is a beautiful country with a rich history. What is more impressive about Iran is the people there. We, as Turkish people, are very proud of being hospitable. But when I was in Iran, I could not even compare it with my own country since people are extremely friendly and generous. I still have been in contact with several of the people whom I met during my visit. It is, I guess, kind of an unwritten norm in their culture to please the guests as best as they can. That’s why Iran, in my memory, is a beautiful country with the friendliest people among the 30 countries I have visited before.”

Neinpekmez / A man who loves to travel and has been to many countries / Follow him on Instagram: @neinpekmez


Photo by Valerie Khalil on Unsplash

“It is like an unwritten norm to show the highest hospitality to visitors in Lebanon. Plus, they have great food and beautiful places to visit. What more can you ask for?” 

Neinpekmez / A man who loves to travel and has been to many countries / Follow him on Instagram: @neinpekmez


Photo by Cory Schadt on Unsplash

“Well, generally, the Japanese people are very polite and I guess everybody knows that. They’re responsible and very diligent. I remember one instance when my cousin’s half-Japanese cousin named Kazuya visited here last 2015. He was still 11 years old at that time. On day, we were hanging out with his 1-year-old girl cousin. The little girl’s shirt was drenched in sweat from playing too much so her nanny changed her clothes then and there. It is okay in our culture to change the clothes of kids in open spaces because they’re still kids. But when Kazuya saw this, he immediately closed his eyes and turned around. I told him that it was okay because she’s still a baby. Kazuya still insisted that he’s not supposed to see a girl naked – cousin or not.

So when you go to Japan, expect that rules are to be followed. The people of the land of the rising sun are very diligent. Even children are taught responsibility at a very young age. Also, I have never met a Japanese that doesn’t say thank you every time you do something for them. Haha! I love them.”

By Suzanne / A girl who wants to be happy. / Follow her on Instagram: @zanenography, @zanedesu, @tsubasawohirogetai


“In my opinion, Japanese people are hard workers; they are honest; they are always on time; and they always have the willingness to help you.”

Lintar Yulianto / A visual storyteller, with snapshots about architecture, travel, nature, toys, streets, and people. / Follow him on Instagram: @lntr


Photo By Michael Baron at Unsplash

“Personally, I think Colombian people are one of the friendliest people in the world, especially in Medellin, my city, where you will feel so comfortable as if you were in your own home. “Paisas”, as we are called, are very proud of our city. That’s why we like tourists to come to Medellin to experience our culture and see nature around the mountains in the city. We are always ready to make new friends with other people, even with complete strangers. For example, if you are walking down the street, you could suddenly receive a warm greeting from a stranger. You would think, “ Wow, this place is amazing”. The people can help you start your day the best way possible.

I really recommend people to come here and know the country. They will realize that Colombia is a region completely different as foreign people usually think – such as a place for narcos, cocaine, and stuffs like that. Colombia is not like that. It is a great country, full of beautiful places. We are always ready to welcome people. You can see my profile and realize that it’s worth coming here.”

David Medina / Choose a route, not a routine / Follow him on Instagram: @davidldem


Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

“One can have ideas and impressions about being cautious when visiting Amsterdam for the first time. It was a pleasant revelation that of all the European countries, it is one of the places where you can completely be at ease. Nowadays, digital maps and GPS system make it simple to navigate around. But the charm of exploring the streets with a map chart and engaging with the locals to ask for directions are not lost. Doing this in Amsterdam was a wonderful thing.”

Apoorva & Sobhit / Foodies and explorers sharing their humble and fascinating travels / Follow them on Instagram: @wandering_foodyssey


Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

“Home to some of the most heart friendly people in the world. The first step you take into Portugal, every worry slips over your head with the amount of warm welcomes you are greeted with by the beautiful people! I would agree that the sun and warm weather would also contribute to this but that doesn’t deny their nice and polite nature by heart.”

Rusha Paenga / Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand. She is a freelance writer for multiple magazines, founder of Global Girl Community and a wild spirit at heart. She enjoys working on new business ventures, sharing raw experiences from her past and present. She delivers nothing short of LIFE. / Contact her on her website: / Follow her on Instagram: @rushapaenga / Follow her on Pinterest: @rushapaenga / Follow her on Twitter: @RushaPaenga / Like her on Facebook:

New Zealand

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

“This one could be completely biased because I also come from New Zealand, but not only have I heard good things about the people in New Zealand from foreigners, but I have also seen it myself in comparison to traveling the world. A lot of compassion, love and “MANA” can be shown by these people. New Zealand has proved time and time over again that no matter where you come from, you are welcome there. You are one of us.

Mana – A Te Reo Maori word that can be used to describe the abundance of strength towards something. “She showed a lot of mana with her performance”

Rusha Paenga / Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand. / Details of how to reach her can be found under her testimony of Portugal.


Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

“Australia comes with a lot of care-free, do-what-you-want type of people. They are absolutely fun, laugh at your every joke and like to include you in their crazy antics. They are not afraid to get to know you and greet you with smiles even in the worst of days. No matter where the people come from, Australia definitely turns every scary bear into a cuddly one.”

Rusha Paenga / Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand. / Details of how to reach her can be found under her testimony of Portugal.


Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

“I just felt that that they greeted with warm smiles everywhere you go. I met some local girls that instantly became friends and they showed me their favorite places in the city. Everywhere you go, I felt the people were so nice and welcoming.” 

Courtney Brady / A blogger about travel, lifestyle, and health / Founder and creator of Follow her on Instagram: @journeywith.court / Subscribe to her blog: / Follow her on Pinterest: court_nourishthefreelife


Photo by Debashis Biswas on Unsplash

“Indians are full of heart. They welcome a guest as if God herself has entered their lives. They will treat you like family. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and feed you ‘till you burst. They will look after a guest as their own. They are loud, noisy, funny, full of life and will always have a smile on their faces. The elderly will bless you with all their being no matter what.”

Gypsy Soul / A writer with a wanderlust soul / Follow on Instagram: @myriad_mindspace



Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

“Filipinos are always friendly with foreigners or newcomers. They want them to feel at home or part of the group.”

Fred / A husband and a father whose goal is to travel big while spending little / Follow him on Instagram: @noearthfred


There you have it. It’s such a joy to hear people’s experiences that brought about their opinion regarding these countries. I want to thank them for sharing it with us.

What about you? What’s the friendliest country on your list?

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